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Social Responsibility

Role in Community Welfare and Social Service

SCWL and its products have become a part and parcel of millions of Indian families during the past several years. In recognition of this strong bond, the company is actively engaged in various mass activities that raise awareness in the society made up of these families.

As a tribute to the homemakers, SCWL had organized an annual event aimed at bringing forth the hidden talent of housewives. In the beginning, the program was arranged jointly with Ananda Bazaar Patrika, - West Bengal's leading newspaper. Named as Shalimar Anandabazaar Patrika ADWITIYA, the program offered a suitable platform for women to showcase their talent in the domain of Singing, Dancing, Elocution and Social Service. The preliminary rounds of the competition were conducted at four different zones in West Bengal and the grand finale was held at Kolkata. After successfully conducting three versions of the event, SCWL had launched a similar event titled Shalimar Sangbad Protidin ANANYA in the year 2006. A program with identical theme has been in vogue since 2009 in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh's leading publication Eenadu. The event s titled Shalimar Eenadu AMAZING AMMA.

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