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Shalimar Mustard Oil
Mustard oil is highly recommended for its benefit and pungent flavor taste. These are manufactured in our latest machines by process of steam distillation and cold press method with great care by skilled workers. The oil is light yellow to brown in color.
Chef Spices
The spices are sold under the name of Chef Spices, which are loved and buyed by our clients. These spices provides tangent, metallic and earthy taste to the indian dish. These are prepared without any preservatives and chemicals.
Shalimar Popular Spices
These Popular Spices are getting popular for their aroma and flavorful taste. They are processed under clean and hygienic conditions in our latest machines. In addition, they give perfect blend of taste in Indian recipe. They are grinder into smooth texture powder.
Shalimar Garam Masala
Use our ground spices Garam Masala made from mixing of different indian spices in right ratio to add spicy and pungent taste to the dishes. The masala is made by using 100% fresh organic spices in our modern grinding machine.
Shalimar Jasmine Oil
We are manufacturing natural Jasmine Ayurvedic Medicated Coconut Oil which is extracted from fresh jasmine flowers to provide all the nutrional qaulities. These are packed in plastic bottles with easy opening mouth. The oil makes the hair smooth, shiny and black.

Shalimar Meat Masala
Add hot and spicy Meat Masala in various recipes to give them more exotic flavor and aroma. These masala are made in clean and hygienic environment with great caution. These spices give exactly the same taste of restaurant chicken.
Shalimar Sabji Masala
Choose our perfect ordinary Sabji Masala which is prepared form mixing of different spices together to make it pungent and metallic in taste. This whole spices makes every Indian recipe delicious and mouth- watering. In addition, can be used to seasoning varied salads and other food items.

Shalimar Sunflower Oil
We are providing healthy Sunflower Oil with Omega6 Fatty Acid and Vitamin E. These are packed in 500ml to 1l bottles and polyethylene packets. These are made from 100% fresh harvested sunflower seeds in our new technology oil extracting machine.
Shalimar Amla Oil
Manufactured from amla extracts, ayurvedic amla oil is a hair remedy for dandruff, dry scalp, greying of hair, bacterial or fungal infection on scalp, etc. It is packaged in well-labelled plastic bottle.
Shalimar Hand Sanitizer
A bottle of hand sanitizer is a necessity of todays situation, not a choice. Maintaining the hygiene is the only way that can protect you from germs that cause infections. Shalimars hand sanitizer kills 99.9% germs. 
Shalimar Body Oil
Buy Shalimars moisturizing body oil in the packing of 100ml bottle. The oil is safe for all types of skin and absorbs quickly, without leaving the sticky feeling. 

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